Amaya the
Indian Room Gets
a Mouth-Watering Revamp

"When Amaya the Indian Room 
opened in 2007, it quickly became one of Toronto’s most
talked-about dining rooms, drawing praise for its intimate
ambience and contemporary take on Indian cuisine.
In the intervening years, owner Hemant Bhagwani
has expanded

– Craig Moy  | Where Magazine

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Amaya: The Indian Room

"Owner Hemant Bhagwani’s empirical impulses—
he’s expanded the chain to include takeout joints, food court
kiosks and a line of sauces—have only bolstered Amaya’s
status as the city’s top Indian restaurant


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Founded in 2007, the Amaya Group of Restaurants is steadily growing to bring you quality Indian food, in our restaurants, at your home and at your office. Amaya is not just about good food. It’s about hospitality.

Amaya – the Indian food Toronto had been waiting for - has formal restaurants, fast casual, and quick service. Canadian grocery stores carry our sauces and naan breads. We have catering and food service divisions.
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